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A native Seattleite, Leland E. Hale has rain permanently trapped between his toes. Blames his love of travel on that first airplane ride, at six months. Hitched across the country (and back) at age 21. Thinks Socrates is way cooler than Aristotle, even if he went down a little harder. Has a secret soundtrack for his latest book. Is certain that the best first line for any book ever is from "The Stranger," by Albert Camus.

His best-known work is Butcher, Baker, a true crime book about Alaska serial killer Robert Hansen. That book influenced a movie about Robert Hansen, “The Frozen Ground,” starring Nicolas Cage and John Cusack. Follow Butcher, Baker on Open Road

What Happened in Craig


Mr. Hale has published both fiction and non-fiction. Do not consider him prolific -- twenty years between books is not prolific by any measure. But the author claims to have several more books in him. We'll see...

  • NEW! What Happened In Craig: On a foggy afternoon in September of 1982 the Investor, a salmon fishing vessel, was engulfed in flames near the tiny village of Craig, Alaska. All efforts to stop the blaze were repulsed by the heat and fury of fire—until the blaze had run its course. MORE>>>
  • Butcher, Baker: a true-crime work about serial killer Robert Hansen. Hansen murdered up to 35 young women in Alaska over the decade starting in the 1970s. A world-class hunter and pilot, he used the Alaska bush as the ultimate killing field. MORE>>>
  • Huck Finn Is Dead: a novel featuring Carney James, a fourteen year old runaway. His father's in jail. His mother is missing in action. A well-meaning judge sends him to live with a Christian family. When things don't work out as planned, Carney ends up on the streets. Thus begins an epic journey across America. MORE>>>