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Going through my photo collections, cuz you know I’m social distancing. Found some cool videos. Sharing this way because I don’t want to share the covid way. This episode is about Prince of Wales Island, in Alaska. Here much of the commercial fishery is centered in the village of Craig, which is where these videos were taken.

NOTE: All videos as 1080p, so they’re best in full-screen mode.

Floatplane, Craig, Alaska

The reality of Prince of Wales is that there are only two ways on and off the island. You’re either coming in by boat or you’re flying in, often by floatplane.

Purse Seiner Underway, Craig, Alaska

There are several types of active fishing boats on Prince of Wales, including longliners and purse seiners. We were there for the purse seiners.

Docked At North Cove

During the peak of the salmon fishing season, vessels are snugged up gunnel-to-gunnel in Craig. I liked this shot because… That seine boat at center is based in Craig. Which is not as common as it may seem when you’re in Craig.

Stacking the Net

There’s lots of important gear on a purse seiner. Without your net, you might as well stay home. And that means you have to neatly stack it after every set. And when you’re in port, you make sure it’s ready for the next opening.

Stacking the Net: Closeup

Here’s a closeup shot of the net stacking process. The net is big. It’s heavy. It’s a handful. Without the winch, it would be… well, it would be a great deal more difficult. Understatement. And if that thing gets snagged or twisted? You’re screwed. You can hear the crew chatting among themselves. Logistics.

Video diary of Craig, Alaska, summer 2019. Craig served as the locale for “What Happened in Craig.”

Copyright Leland E. Hale (2020). All rights reserved.


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