Thank You, Tricia Brown: Barnes & Noble @ Alaska Book Week

Many thanks to Tricia Brown at Barnes & Noble Anchorage for organizing a GREAT series of readings/signings at their Anchorage store during Alaska Book Week. Here’s a shameless plug for the great work of Tricia Brown in organizing a very impressive program at Barnes & Noble, Anchorage.

Sunday, October 7: A series of authors — including Melissa Leann Carson, Ann Dixon and Tricia Brown — sign their children’s books. This is where it all starts, ladies and gents.

Monday, October 8: More children’s authors (and illustrators) — Barbara Jacko Atwater and Ethan Jacko Atwater; Phyllis Adams; and illustrator John Van Zyle.

Tuesday, October 9: Kim Rich signs her memoirs, Johnny’s Girl and A Normal Life. Stan Jones signs his books from the Nathan Active mystery series, Frozen Sun, Tundra Kill, Village of the Ghost Bears, Shaman Pass, and White Sky, Black Ice. Cinthia Ritchie signs her comic novel Dolls Behaving Badly.

Wednesday, October 10: Jamey Bradbury signs The Wild Inside. Don Rearden signs his books Never Quit and The Raven’s Gift. Leland Hale signs his books What Happened in Craig: Alaska’s Worst Unsolved Mass Murder and Butcher, Baker: the True Account of an Alaska Serial Killer.

tricia brown

Thursday, October 11: Adrienne Lindholm signs her new memoir, It Happened Like This: A Life in Alaska. Jackie Ivie signs her fantasy, Laird of Ballanclaire. Jan Harper Haines signs her family memoir, Cold River Spirits.

Friday, October 12: Jean Aspen signs her family memoirs, Trusting the River, Arctic Daughter and Arctic Son. David Ramseur signs his political history, Melting the Ice Curtain.

Saturday, October 13: Lucas Elliot, illustrator for Moose, a graphic novel, signs books. Dan Walker signs his coming-of-age novel, Secondhand Summer. C.M. McCoy signs her paranormal YA novel, Eerie. Debby Dahl Edwardson signs her picture books, My Name is Not Easy and Whale Snow.

I can’t wait. This is going to be fun!


Order “What Happened In Craig,” HERE and HERE, true crime from Epicenter Press about Alaska’s Worst Unsolved Mass Murder.

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