En Español: Los asesinatos del Investor

Every once in a while, something crosses my desk that makes me go — huh? This is one of them. It’s the story of the Investor murders. In Spanish. On a podcast. On a podcast with advertisements, no less. It asks the essential question. En español.

¿Quién mató a los pasajeros del Investor?

English translation: Who killed the Investor’s passengers?

Of course, that’s the question everybody asks. I even wrote a book about it. I’m pretty proud of it, so I’m pleased the author acknowledges my contribution to this story. As in, I think, one contribution among many? And then the author picks up that crazy diversion named Jim Robinson. Them’s the risks, ladies and germs. Them’s the risks.

Anyway, you can get to the hosting page by clicking on the image below. It’s worth a listen, even if you don’t speak Spanish. That’s because there is something very, um, telenovela about the delivery.


CLICK image to access web page

If you want to listen to the podcast directly, meanwhile, just click the link below. Sorry, I wanted to embed the link but… for some reason… I can’t.


The author of this piece — and the narrator — is a woman named Clara Tiscar. She’s from Barcelona, Spain. So there you go. We’re now part of an international audience. And, given that Spanish is one of the most spoken languages on the globe (after English and Chinese), that’s a huge audience. Welcome! ¡Toda la gente que hablan español!


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