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Two vans pulled up to our place at 9:00 am. Four people piled out and started lugging equipment up the stairs to the main floor of our house, sporting distinctly British accents. It was the start of the madness.

Be sure to watch: The Butcher, Baker: Mind of a Monster on Investigation Discovery, September 2, 2020, 9pm/8 Central.

For context, they needed two vans just to carry all the gear. There was a boatload of equipment on the porch, which served as a intermediate staging area.

By ten o’clock the vans were empty and the blackout curtains were up. The cameras were ready to roll. We were ready to shoot. Well, almost ready.

Our house has some interesting angles and light comes in from all directions. So… There was some fussing, just to make sure they got the light and the angles right. They were particularly interested in the stairway just behind the sofa where they’d interview me. It offered a depth-of-field that promised to add a touch of interest to the talking-head shot. That was infinitely better than the full liquor cabinet lurking along one wall, which offered an entirely different perspective.

Jessica & Alec at the ready (copyright Leland E. Hale)

By the time we finished shooting, it was just past 5:30 pm. It was a long damn day (more on that later). We did take time for a short lunch break (Manchester Inn) for fish and chips (naturally). And then we took some B-roll clips, including some of me walking up the drive. One of my favorites is below. We were hoping for a ferry, but…

View of Puget Sound (copyright Lorraine A. Miller)

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2 thoughts on “Cross Post: Arrow Media & Butcher, Baker”

  1. I recently saw the program on Robert Hansen on the ID Channel and was truly impressed with the knowledge that you shared about Robert Hansen. I’m currently in North Carolina , but have lived in Alaska on the Kenai Peninsula, in Nikiski. and the Talkeetna area and have hunted many places that Robert Hansen hunted, including the area near Craig and the Talkeetna mountains. I have flown all over the state and enjoy the vast beauty of Alaska. I am curious if you would possibly know the names of Robert Hansen’s children and what happened to them and his former wife? Were they so astounded with all these revelations about him, that they went into hiding as not to be subjected to scorn and ridicule. I guess that thought has crossed my mind as they would be about the same age as myself, 58 years old. Many times I had wondered what it would have been like meeting up with someone like that in the wilds of Alaska, and what would happen. These things happen more often than one would think in Alaska. I actually had a woman friend who was/ still is a guide, hunting the Brooks Range and was kidnapped by four men and she managed to escape by employing her sympathy on one of the younger men in the group and he let her escape. That’s another story. Just curious if you could enlighten me on the Hansen clan per say and what actually happened to them? I would appreciate any information you would care to share , being you have such vast knowledge of the Hansen murders,

    1. Darla and her children moved to Arkansas in the mid-80’s, where she had family. Darla and her daughter were associated with a car repair business. At last look, her son lived in Colorado. I have been told by Darla’s church associates that she was doing missionary work in Russia. That was a few years ago, however, and may not reflect current reality.

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