Cross-Post: September 2 Premiere

World Premiere SEPTEMBER 2nd. (Hey, that’s less than a week from today.) Features exciting new audio excerpts from Robert Hansen’s confession. Adds audio snippets from a seventeen-year-old whose escape touched off his ultimate capture, arrest and conviction.

Be sure to watch: The Butcher Baker: Mind of a Monster on Investigation Discovery, September 2, 2020, 9pm/8 Central.


This 120-minute, feature-length documentary promises the most in-depth look at Robert Hansen since publication of the bestselling book, Butcher, Baker, by Walter Gilmour and Leland E. Hale.

Copyright 2020. All rights reserved.

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2 thoughts on “Cross-Post: September 2 Premiere”

  1. Leland,

    I was enjoying watching the documentary of Butcher Baker on ID channel when a scene appeared that caught my attention. A super cub flying over Hansen while he was parked on a Knik River gravel bar. IT brought back a memory of a day long ago when I was flying my super cub up Knik River looking for black bears out on the mountain slopes above the river. I recalled that when I was returning down river I flew over another cub parked on a gravel bar where I had never seen one before. I circled around as I was assessing the landing site for possible future use for moose hunting. Then it struck me: was I the one in the film? I rushed to find my old pilot log book and leafed through to the page in 1983 and April time frame. And there it was in black and white. I had flown 3 and a half hours on that day Apr 24 up to Knik scouting for bears. I am about 95% sure that was me that flew over Hansen that day. The sad part for me is that Hansen said that is when things got bad and that led him to have to kill her. That is bothering me.

    Thankyou for writing the book which I have read several times now.

    Richard Benson
    Eagle River, AK

    1. Hello Richard – that sure does map to Paula Goulding. She was last seen in Anchorage on Sunday, April 24, 1983. She was found August 1983 on the Knik. I’d love to see your flight logs. This is the kind of report that gets true-crime authors excited!

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