Travel Tango, Part II

Ok, I knew the tango segment would be popular… But I underestimated it a bit… And now realize (duh) that all the philosophical mumbo-jumbo, while nice, is nowhere near as beautiful as… Pure Tango… So… here you go…

YouTube Link (HD setting recommended):!


The Confiteria Ideal in Buenos Aires holds afternoon dances in its upstairs ballroom several days a week. It’s mostly an older crowd. I never quite figured out how it worked. A song would start, the men would move in the direction of potential dance partners and, almost simultaneously, the women would rise and join them on the dance floor. Not a single word was exchanged.

At any rate, about midway through the evening, this young, handsome couple were featured on the dance floor. They took a solo turn sponsored by the dance hall. From all I could gather, she’s a professional tango dancer. He is her husband (and acquits himself quite well, I must say).

Let me add that it’s quite warm. At least the mid-80s (F). Humid. No AC. You can see the table covers wafting gently from the fans. At about 28 seconds in you can also see, on the far right, a woman with a very active hand-driven fan. Yeah. It’s freakin’ hot.

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