September 1, 2011

After two days of trial and error (mostly error), I have finally succeeded in creating the Kindle version of “Butcher, Baker.” Still some formatting issues, but it now has a TOC, which it stubbornly refused to have for like days and days. Now, if I can only replicate the required steps…
So for me, this marks a gigantic end-point… Still a little file validation left, but now I know how to create valid eBooks for all the major digital publishing platforms.
My assessment: Amazon’s Kindle conversion toolset is still feeling its growing pains (Command line? Still?), its help documentation is pointed but too often lacks context and the forums offer sometimes conflicting tips. The strangest piece of advice (that actually works!): you need to double-zip the Kindle file. Of course, that’s probably magical thinking, but… It seems to make a difference.

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