September 14, 2011

I should know this, but I don’t. My question: What, if any, eBook format will Windows 8 support? It will be somewhat problematic in any case, given the platform bias toward 16:9 (and landscape orientation), which is far friendlier to videos than to ebooks.
But Microsoft is discontinuing the .lit format and its Microsoft Reader app, effective November 8, 2011. They’re in good company; Amazon dropped support in 2006, in favor of their (own) .mobi format. A good sign — or is Microsoft only now acknowledging the obvious?
Whatever the case, my hope is that Microsoft embraces the ePub standard, already adopted by Barnes & Noble, Google and Apple. T’would make things a whole lot simpler… And, really, coming from behind as they are, they don’t really need to revisit the format wars… Do they?

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