Arrest of Robert Hansen: Never Too Many Weapons

There is no shortage of gun collectors in the U.S. And in Alaska, it goes beyond that. Owning multiple weapons comes as second-nature: Alaska is still a wild place, with wild and dangerous creatures. Self-protection is a reality, not an option. So even if they remembered Hansen’s felon status, even if they knew of his collection, it’s unlikely any of his friends would give more than a fleeting thought to Hansen’s wide-ranging stash of weapons.

This brings us to Darla Hansen, who did know, and did remember, that her husband was forbidden from owning weapons due to his felony record.

Check the property list carefully. Note that every single firearm was hidden, except one: the shotgun in the living room closet. The others? “Third drawer down left set of drawers” (garage). “Top shelf of hidden area in family room.” “Gun reloading cabinet garage.” “Storage compartment behind pilot seat” (airplane).

Yeah, Darla probably wasn’t going to turn Bob in for a shotgun in the living room closet. Consider it her “personal protection.” No doubt her husband did.

The following handguns were seized from the HANSEN residence search and logged under 183-65851:

  1. Item #84 Browning .22 Semi-Auto serial #100586U8
    from gun reloading cabinet garage. Stolen. Pendleton, Oregon. Hansen receives permission from probation to go to Oregon, 10-16-74 to 11-16-74.
    NOTE that this is a duplicate record; the weapon having been referenced earlier in Flothe’s chronology. The difference here is that troopers now knew Hansen was in Pendleton, Oregon, at the time the weapon was stolen.
  2. Item #86, Colt Match .22 Semi-Auto pistol serial number #014372-5
    from gun reloading cabinet garage.
  3. Item # 87, Colt Python .357 caliber revolver with holster serial #01624E, from reloading cabinet garage.
  4. Item #105, Thompson Contender 7mm single shot pistol with scope serial #198462, from attic found with Mini-14 and stolen weapons.

    Hansen’s .223 — His Preferred Murder Weapon (courtesy Alaska State Troopers)

The following handgun was seized from HANSEN’s Supercub and logged under 183-65857:
Item # 9, Colt Semi-Auto .22 caliber pistol serial #131681 from storage compartment behind pilot seat.

Source: Sequence of Events Leading to Arrest of Robert C. Hansen, 1/31/84, Sgt. Glenn Flothe (“Ruff Copy”)

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