Robert Hansen’s Confession | Day One | Part 3

AUDIO FILE Robert Hansen Confession, February 22, 1984 (Part 3) All Rights Reserved

For a man who professes to be reluctant to talk about “these things,” Robert Hansen shows a complete lack of affect as he dives into the details. He describes his demand for sex — on a bear skin rug, with handcuffs, at gunpoint — like another person might describe brushing his teeth. And then he lies.

His claim, which is ridiculous on its face, is that the first time he pulled a gun on Cindy Paulson was there, at his house. Cindy Paulson has a much more haunting memory of where it happened. She remembers his car. And an unusual gun. A gun she later determines is a Thompson Contender. One mean weapon if there ever was one, its sheer size the essense of intimidation. Not likely she’d forget that.

part 3
part 3

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