The Frozen Ground: Vids

Today we’re sharing video clips from “The Frozen Ground,” the film based on the crimes of Robert Hansen, first written about in “Butcher, Baker” (1991). The film is currently in post-production for a December 2012 release. There’s not a lot to share, so we’ve been waiting till we have critical mass. We may have to keep waiting but here’s what we found.
Geoff Oliver shares his take on the Frozen Ground filming in Anchorage, Alaska. This one is a lot of fun. I love that precious moment at 0:03, when Geoff temporarily spaces on the film’s title.

Frozen Ground Aerial Site Prep. This video captures the look and feel of Hansen’s Knik River killing ground, with shots of a small plane doing touch & go’s along the sandbars. With Mike Kincaid and Jeff Babcock.

Anchorage Transformed for Frozen Ground Movie (Channel 11, CBS News, Anchorage).

Vanessa Hudgens talks about Frozen Ground. Vanessa plays escaped victim Cindy Paulson, the young prostitute who got away and led to Hansen’s arrest. At 1:21, Vanessa talks about getting personal coaching from Cindy Paulson. We just hope Cindy tells her that chewing gum is not a recommended practice in the sex trade.

More Vanessa news on Frozen Ground shoot here (old, old stuff).
And hey, this is Hollywood, so everybody can get in on the act, right? Here’s an UNOFFICIAL teaser trailer for Frozen Ground. I guess it’s a pitch for doing the score. I like it because, hey, his description sounds a lot like Butcher, Baker.

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