Diving for Stolen Weapons

This story has been embargoed for awhile, because at the time I encountered it, the crime was still in the early stages of investigation. And then I forgot about it. Well, shame on me. But at least now I can share some clips.
On September 18, 2011, 38 firearms were stolen from the Three Bears store in Wasilla, Alaska. The thieves apparently tried to ditch some of the stolen weapons in Finger Lake, near Palmer, Alaska. My big adventure, however, was accompanying the Mat-Su Water Rescue Team in their effort to recover those very same weapons.
As you can tell, the surrounding area is Alaska-beautiful. And the water was… very, very cold. Worse yet, the bottom of the lake is heavily silted and soft, so finding weapons in the muck was a real chore. The dive team had to stay near the surface, for fear of stirring up the bottom and taking visibility to zero. They did an awesome job.
Snorkeling for Stolen Weapons: Finger Lake, AK
Finger Lake handgun recovery
Using Boat: Finger Lake, AK
Finger Lake handgun recovery
Overview: Finger Lake, AK
Finger Lake handgun recovery

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