Todd Communications (Redux)


This post comes from a difficult time. There were many misunderstandings, none of which were helped by the geographic distances between all the parties involved. Anchorage – New York – Seattle isn’t always the best route to anything.
The good news is that everything was resolved quite to the satisfaction of all parties. Please see Getting to Go for the latest update.

[Ed. note: Flip Todd’s a great guy, actually. You just have to get to know him, as I had the chance to in November 2013.]
It is now January 25, 2012. The October 2011 edition of “Butcher, Baker,” by Todd Communications, is still on offer on Amazon. Previous reporting indicated Todd was responding to our request to cease & desist.
Butcher, Baker: Todd Communications edition at Amazon
I have since learned, however, that Amazon has a copyright infringement reporting policy in place.
Amazon Copyright Violations
[Ed. Note: The books on offer from Amazon are all from wholesalers who purchased the book from the publisher, Todd Communications. The publisher no longer controls sales once the wholesaler makes the purchase.]

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