Kidnapped: The Lineup Photos & Robert Hansen

Kidnapped: The Cindy Paulson Story [Installment One]

When Cindy Paulson picked Robert Hansen out of a lineup, it was decidely not a slam-dunk. There were five other photos in the lineup, each of them quite similar (as is appropriate). That wasn’t the only hurdle. Hansen had changed his appearance by the time he met Cindy Paulson, having shaved his moustache.

Nonetheless, Cindy went straight to Hansen’s photo, without hesitation. This was the man. The killer. There was no mistaking any of that. The trick now was to turn Cindy’s lineup identification into an arrest.

APD Lineup Shown to Cindy Paulson
Lineup Photo

On June 13, 1983, Cindy Paulson was kidnapped and raped, her life threatened by Robert Hansen. Her eventual getaway was central to Hansen’s ultimate capture and confession to the murder of dozens of women. Three months later, Cindy agreed to a detailed interview with Sgt. Glenn Flothe, the Alaska State Trooper in charge of the homicide investigation. This interview helped pave the way for Hansen’s indictment in the murders. The Cindy Paulson story starts here.

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