Arrest of Robert Hansen: Angie

Known by almost everyone as “Angie,” Angela Feddern was a troubled soul. Her sister in Seattle knew that she was into drugs, and turning tricks to support her habit. She reached out. She tried to help. So did her mother. They both failed.

In Seattle Angie’s mother, Mary Radford, soon learned that her daughter’s body had been found. “I was prepared for it,” she told the Associated Press. “I knew something was wrong when she stopped calling last year. In a way, there’s some relief. You wonder what happened to them until you know for sure.”

Asked what she thought of Hansen’s plea-bargained sentence, Mrs. Radford turned bitter. “I don’t see why he should be alive and they dead,” she said.

Mrs. Radford also acknowledged that her daughter chose to be a prostitute, knowing it was a rough life. “That was the life she chose,” she said. “Angie just couldn’t find it in herself to go out and get a thinking job. She did the best she could.”

Excerpt From: Walter Gilmour & Leland E. Hale. “Butcher, Baker.”

Angela “Angie” Feddern (courtesy Alaska State Troopers)

4/26/84: Sergeant FLOTHE, Trooper VonCLASEN and helicopter pilot fly to Figure 8 Lake, grave site #ll. Figure 8 Lake is west of the Susitna River. Body located lying on the ground beneath flag placed by HANSEN. Some clothing and bone protruding from frozen ground. Unable to dig out pants without destroying evidence. Must wait for thaw. Jaw bone found lying on top of ground near pants with dental work. Jawbone removed, transported back to Anchorage.

Figure 8 Lake (Google Maps; illustration by Leland E. Hale)

Sergeant FLOTHE, Trooper VonCLASEN and helicopter pilot fly to Scenic Lake grave site #13 on Kenai Peninsula. Body left by HANSEN lying on top of ground covered with some brush. Clothing (red blouse) and small rib bone found in location pointed out by HANSEN. “Bear sign” noted around body. Ground frozen. Looked for purse, still ice along edge of lake where purse is allegedly located. Need to return in a week or two to allow for sufficient ground thaw. Seized bone and torn red womans blouse.

Returned to Anchorage with jawbone from Figure 8 Lake. Compared with known dental records on file. Positive ID from dental X-rays as ANGELA FEDDERN, missing from Anchorage approximately February 1983. Reported missing to APD Officer P.C. CANADY by JOE MAJORS, owner/operator of Murphy’s Law, a bar featuring nude female dancers. No official APD report filed. Information passed on to Troopers. FEDDERN was working as an avenue prostitute and allegedly had a date with a doctor when she disappeared.

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11 thoughts on “Arrest of Robert Hansen: Angie”

  1. I knew Angela Feddern when she was an 18 year old Job Corps Member at the Angell Job Corps Center in Oregon back in 1976; what a horrible way to die at the hands of Robert Hansen.

    1. Hi Jim, sorry to hear you knew Angela. That must have been a shock to find out about. We are making a documentary and are hoping to hear more about the victims in this tragedy to honour their memories. I would love to hear more about what you remember about Angela and who she was as we feel other productions have not gone far enough to talk about the victims in this case. If you are happy to share anything with us I can be reached on: I can explain more in detail about what we’re if you send me an email

  2. Angela was my half sister same father.
    I met her when I was 12 she was in her late teens. Years later after my father passed i lost contact with that side of the family.
    I heard she was murdered by a book I was given from my mother in law. What a hard read that was. May Angela RIP.
    We will meet again over the rainbow.

  3. Jessica how is your documentary coming on?? Would make interesting viewing. I was thinking of something similar, as the victims are the forgotten ones and the killers become infamous.

    1. The documentary aired on Investigation Discovery (ID). It’s titled “The Butcher Baker: Mind of a Monster.” You missed the premiere, but you can still stream it. Just go to the ID website.

      1. I watched this documentary and of the documentaries on Hansen this one filled in blanks left open. I thought this one focused at least some light on his victims but still there’s too much emphasis on the choices of lifestyle the women made. It always seems to place too much focus on them being exotic dancers and therefore somehow less than deserving of the same consideration than other women. The documentaries fail to bring forth that any woman could be his victim and loses sight of the girls and women he targeted before circumstances of that time in Alaska’s history of boom and bust delivered into his hands his perfect victim. I hope all the women that were killed by his hand can Rest In Peace knowing that they’re not forgotten to some of us .

          1. Please note that Robert’s book is a work of fiction. Please do not take this note as either an endorsement or critique of Robert’s work. I have not read it. But I do want folks to be aware.

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