Arrest of Robert Hansen: Sue Luna Identified

Nearly two years had passed since Sue Luna’s disappearance. The only way to identify her was through dental records. Sgt. Flothe remembered her well: she was one of the first ones he’d called out on his victim matrix. He now knew that Hansen had not only killed her, but taken back the $300.00 he’d paid for an hour of sex. That post-mortem theft was not only the definition of cheap, but of cold-blooded.

4/27/84: Body removed from grave site #2 east of Knik River bridge positively identified as SUE LUNA. LUNA identified from dental records by Doctor ROGERS. ROBERTA MOOREHEAD, [her] sister, reported her missing to the Anchorage Police Department on 5/30/82. S[he] was to meet an unidentified male at Alice’s 210 Cafe for $300.00.

Sue Luna (courtesy Alaska State Troopers)

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  1. My mom is robin price, she told us this story when I was younger. She worked at the Monroe correctional facility prison in Washington. And Hansen attempted to be transferred there and was denied as my mom was an employee.

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