Spend the Weekend Together

The idea of a romantic weekend loomed large in Robert Hansen’s imagination. No matter that he had to force it at gunpoint. No matter that he had to kill his weekend companion afterwards. These were mere incidentals. Things to be ignored.

Robert Hansen Confession (Feb 22, 1984)

ROBERT HANSEN: Uh, I told her, you know, I was going to take her out uh, and I wanted to since I… I told her the truth. I was going to take her out and we was going to spend the weekend together… Uh, but I couldn’t at this time cause it was still dark you know, and you can’t fly the damn airplane in the dark. That was the reason for waiting.

Merrill Field, Manager’s Office, Anchorage, Alaska

Um, then I waited until that, uh, I could see out that it was beginning to um, get light enough so as… so as I could see. Uh, I went and got her and uh, uh, put her in my car and uh, I drove out to the airport and uh, uh, I drove up to uh, to uh my airplane and uh, got out and started to put the seat in my airplane and uh, when I was putting that seat in the airplane, uh, she uh, got out of the airplane and ran around uh, the hanger there at uh, Polar Airways, and uh left. Then I left there and drove to my home, uh, (pause). I went in uh, I drove back… back to my home.

Robert Hansen minimizes Cindy’s escape

Cindy Paulson Interview with Sgt. Flothe (Sep 27, 1983)

CINDY: And then about five hours later he woke up and came over there and I told him all I want to do is go home, ‘cause I live with my mom, and I would never tell nobody. And the whole time, he never took my money and jewelry, and he told me that since he liked me so good, that he would take me to his cabin, and make love to me one time and bring me back. And he said that he had a plane over at Merrill Airfield and that we would go there, and that he would take me to his cabin and bring me back.

And I knew that I wasn’t gonna come back (crying).

Robert Hansen’s SuperCub
Cindy Paulson describes Merrill Field

And so we were getting ready to go, he took all my money (inaudible). And we get in the car and I’m laying down in the back seat with a cover over me. And we’re driving down to the Merrill Airfield and we get to the airport and in the passenger seat he had a rope and a gun. And he got up and put something in the trunk and put the gun on the top of the car.

And he was digging in the trunk, he said he had to put a seat in so he could tie me up in the plane. And he kept going back and forth to the plane. And then when he went back to the plane I looked up and I seen that I could only see him from the waist down. And the front driver’s door was open so I opened the back door and I ran. And he started chasing me with a gun.

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