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Since we’re all about true-crime over here, The Ides of March are worth a mention. That’s the day when Julius Caesar was assassinated in Rome, way back in 44 B.C. It was a propitious date, full of foreboding. It was soon followed by a civil war and a crisis in the Roman Republic. So there’s that.

March also has significance in the saga of Robert Hansen. March 1983 was the date when two of his victims went missing. Teresa Watson and DeLynne Frey were their names. Gone too soon.

Robert Hansen Taxidermy

Yet in the midst of these world-shaking events, we can still must contemplate the frailty of the human soul. And, if we dare, indulge in books that thrill and chill us. These are the books that keep us on our collective toes. So here you go…

TitleAuthorPromo TypeCtryStartEndPromo Price
Butcher, BakerGilmour/
ORM – 1K SaleUSMar 03, 2023Mar 03, 2023$2.99
February 20 Promo

March Discounts

I say, don’t end up like Julius Caesar. Seize the day. Grab a book. Stay away from the Theatre of Pompey. You’ll be glad you did. Visit these fine sites instead…

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