Christy Hayes: The Fight Of Her Life

On Sunday, October 14, 1979, Anchorage Police Officer Hammond was dispatched to 202 Stewart Street in Anchorage, on a report of a possible Assault With A Dangerous Weapon. Officer Hammond reported he went to that address and contacted the resident, Mildred Johnson, who told him that a few minutes before a nude black female had come to her residence asking for help. Johnson observed that this woman was bleeding. In fact, the woman had just survived the fight of her life.

202 Stewart Street, Anchorage (Google Streetview)

“Officer Hammond contacted the black female, who identified herself as Christine Hayes. She told the Officer that she was working as a dancer at the Embers Bar in Anchorage, located near 5th & B Streets, and that earlier that evening she had met a caucasian male in the bar and agreed to have a date with him when she got off work.
“She said that when she got off work the man paid her $110.00 in advance to have sex with him, and they went from the bar to a camper truck parked outside, and got in the back.

“She stated that once they were in the back of the camper, the man produced a revolver and pointed it at her and tied her hands and feet with wire. Then he got in the cab of the truck, which she described as a light colored pickup, and drove to the vicinity of Burrell and Chena Streets, and parked.

Kidnap & Escape Map, Christy Hayes (Google Maps) Note the proximity of Hansen’s bakery to the Embers Bar — and the proximity of Hansen’s house to the area where he assaulted Christy Hayes. The drive from Hansen’s house to the bakery, at legal speeds, takes 7 minutes.

“She stated that by this time she had managed to free her hands and feet from the wire, and when the man got out of the pickup cab and went to the rear door of the camper, she managed to climb through the sliding window of the pickup and locked herself in the cab. She stated she managed to get out of the cab of the vehicle and ran to a nearby house, that of Mrs. Johnson, for help.

“She described her assailant as approximately 70″ tall with brown hair, approximately 40 years of age. Hammond photographed tire tracks and broken glass in the vicinity where Hayes said the truck was parked.”

Source: Affidavit for Search Warrant of Robert Hansen’s Property, Sgt. Glenn Flothe, Alaska State Troopers

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