It Happens Again: One Year of Freedom

The Alaska Supreme Court released Robert Hansen in September 1978, with time-served on his larceny in a building conviction. One year in jail, instead of five. For Hansen, it almost seemed like a permission slip. True, he showed some restraint. It wasn’t until October 1979 that he was caught again. This time, his freedom led him to the Embers Club in Anchorage, where he met a young Black woman named Christy Hayes.

The Embers, and several other local bistros, gained a measure of notoriety by providing for their customers’ viewing pleasure “topless and bottomless” dancers.

Sex Money In Advance

This time he paid her money down in advance, so she would meet him at his camper truck after work. They both knew what they were getting into. Or at least thought they did. But one year of freedom had brought Bob Hansen back to his elemental self. The one who couldn’t take no for an answer.

Drink token, Embers Bar, Anchorage, Alaska

Hansen put Christy in the back of his camper, at gunpoint, bound by snare wire. The point was to immobilize her while simultaneously keeping her hidden from prying eyes. This was several degrees of freedom for a man like Robert Hansen. He could do what he wanted.

Christy Hayes had other ideas.


Hatching An Escape Plan

As Hansen drove though the northeast portion of Anchorage, he noticed that Christy Hayes, now completely nude, has wriggled free of her restraints. Bob stopped his truck in an anonymous looking suburban neighborhood, determined to regain control. Hayes was one step ahead of him. Once Hansen parked and exited the truck, she clambered through the small window that opened to the truck cab and locked all the doors. Terrified for her life, she refused to leave.

So Hansen, in a fit of pique, shattered the driver-side window. Christy Hayes took advantage of the distraction and ran down the street, stark naked, until she came to the home of Mildred Johnson. Hansen, meanwhile, cleaned up what he could — tossing Christy’s stripper costume, for example — and quckly left the scene.

But this woman, this Christy Hayes, would come back to haunt him more than once. She was the unlikely antidote to his unconstrained freedom. Not that it helped.

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