Christy Hayes: Robert Hansen Comes Back For More

At approximately 5:50 pm, on March 23, 1980, a Sunday, A.P.D. Officer Loesch was called to the Alaska Bush Company Bar in Anchorage. He contacted Christine Hayes, who was then working at the Bush Company as a dancer. Hayes told Officer Loesch that the man who had assaulted her several months before was there. She pointed out to Loesch a caucasian male in the bar that Loesch identified as Robert C. Hansen. Loesch asked Hansen to accompany him to A.P .D. for an interview, to which Hansen agreed.

Officer Loesh interviewed Hansen at A.P.D. immediately afterward, after advising him of his Miranda Rights. Hansen denied having bound or abducted Hayes, or having pointed a gun at her. He said that several months earlier he had met Hayes at the Embers, and had given her a ride home after she got off work. He said that during the ride, Hayes had placed her hand on Hansen’s leg and asked Hansen if he wanted to stop.

Hansen stated he stopped his truck and he and Hayes got in the camper on the truck. He said Hayes then stripped off her clothes and she performed oral sex on him. Hansen said that Hayes then demanded $75.00 from him, which he refused to pay, since no one had mentioned money before. He said that Hayes then got upset and started screaming, causing him to panic and throw her out of the back door of his camper.

Hansen did not explain the broken glass at the scene and Loesch did not ask him about it. The report indicates no further investigation was done on the case.

Bush Company
Robert Hansen, circa 1972 (courtesy Alaska State Troopers)

: Affidavit for Search Warrant of Robert Hansen’s Property, Sgt. Glenn Flothe, Alaska State Troopers

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