Months Go By: Hansen Is Not Done

Five months later, with Christy Hayes now working at the Alaska Bush Company, she again met up with Mr. Hansen. He came into the club. She saw him. “There he is,” she said, “that’s the man.” She called the police. Anchorage Police responded. They talked to him. He denied abducting her.

Fourth Avenue, Anchorage (night)

Frank Rothschild: “He said, oh, yes, I met her, I gave her a ride home once and then she advanced herself on me. She put her hand on my leg, she wanted to have fun with me. She took off all her clothes and — on her own — performed oral sex. And then she wanted money. He refused, they got into a screaming match and then she ran off naked through the streets. That was his story.”

It was ridiculous on its face. The women of the streets knew to negotiate the terms up front. They got the money first. Hansen was pretending. Telling himself these women were attracted to him. He was also pretending to be a dumbshit dude who was innocent as hell. The bumpkin from Iowa. The eternal naïf.

There was no further investigation. Anchorage Police dropped the case. It was simple, really. Christy Hayes worked the streets. Robert Hansen didn’t. He could go on with his life. Unperturbed.

Months Go By

Only months later, during that same fall timeframe, Robert Hansen attacked another woman. Anchorage Power & Light linemen eventually found her decomposed body. She was buried in a shallow grave, near a power line coming from the Eklutna Power Plant. Still unidentified, she became known as Eklutna Annie.

Worth noting: Minus his reprieve from the Alaska Supreme Court, Hansen would still have been in jail.

Old Eklutna Power Plant (National Register of Historic Places)

Perhaps emboldened by his “success,” as the months went by Hansen was at it again. His latest depravity came to light In the summer of 1980. Assistant D.A. Frank Rothschild considered this one “the only time he really showed his true self.”

Hansen Revealed

Frank Rothschild: “He [Hansen] met this woman on the [Seward] wharf and initially thought that she was attacted to him just for him. She wasn’t working a go-go place, she wasn’t a street prostitute. She was somebody in fact looking for a job in a cannery down there. And they talked and he had her for dinner and it was delightful and [he] asked her if she wouldn’t want to spend some time with him. But then she said the wrong words, she said, well, I need some money and I’d like to be paid. At that point she was no longer a decent woman in Mr. Hansen’s value system.

Assistant D.A. Frank Rothschild (Courtesy Anchorage Times)

“He was angry and felt rejected just as he had when he was a child in high school. And he took her out, and they had a quarrel and somehow or other he managed to shoot her with the .22 and bury her out there. And he shot her dog and threw the dog in the woods while he was at it.”

Joanna Messina, body found near Seward, Alaska (1980)

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