Bob & Cindy: First Time Meet Up

Robert Hansen’s first encounter with Cindy Paulson seemed inauspicious. As was Hansen’s wont, he wanted to feel things out. Wanted to put some distance between them, in time and space, just in case somebody had seen them together. Then they would meet. On his terms.

Robert Hansen Confession (Feb 22, 1984)

Here for the first time are the tape recordings that document that rendezvous. First, we hear about that meet up from Robert Hansen’s confession. And then we hear about the same meet up from Cindy Paulson’s perspective, documented in her trooper interview with Sgt. Glenn Flothe.

FRANK ROTHSCHILD (FR): Alright. Why don’t we start then with what will be freshest in mind, which is the… the cases that are pending now and from what happened in June of last year. Can you tell us how that all came about?

ROBERT HANSEN (RH): Uh, you want me, Sir, to start when I first met this CINDY PAULSON the first time or…

FR: Um’huh.

Robert Hansen talks about Cindy Paulson

RH: …or what? Okay. I’m sorry I don’t remember the right dates and so forth. It’s going to have to be a little bit vague on that. Uh…

FR: Would it have been during the time when your wife and children were out of…

Robert Hansen hides his face, shortly after his homicide arrest

RH: Yes. My wife and family were down in Arkansas visiting her folks’ places and, um, I had met her the first time up town. Uh, the first time I seen CINDY PAULSON was about a block west of, I think it’s a 76 station on the corner there of Gambell and 5th. Okay, she was standing there and I was driving down the street and she waved a little bit and so forth and I pulled up there and talked with her. And it was just the usual chitchat, you know, asking, you know, got in the car and asked, how you doing and so forth and whether I was looking for a good time and so forth.

I chatted there with her a little bit and, uh, made an agreement with her that I was going to see her sometime. I didn’t know, there was, uh… I… I… I couldn’t see her that night ’cause it was during the week and I’m running my bakery and I start there at 1:00 in the morning and, uh, she give me a phone number there for her at one of the motels. The Big Timber, Mush Inn, I don’t, sorry, I can’t remember which one. And, uh, I called back to her the next… the next day or some oth… or day or two afterwards. And she, uh, can’t remember if she wasn’t there or she couldn’t… could’t meet me. Then on the night, and when this I guess, really began, uh, I met her up town after, well, on the Saturday…

Cindy Paulson Interview with Sgt. Flothe (Sep 27, 1983)

Cindy Paulson talks about Robert Hansen

CINDY:  (Inaudible) …gave the gentleman my telephone number and asked him to call me. And he had called me and I slept through it. You know, I was supposed to meet him. So the next day, which was Sunday (sniffles), I was on Fourth and Denali and this gentleman had been by and pulled in the parking lot and offered me, and I got in the car voluntarily, I was talking with this man and he offered me $200 for a blowjob in the car. And I said, “Fine, no problem.”

Cindy Paulson aged 17

CINDY (cont.): And we pulled over to the side, by the side of the house, and I proceeded to give him a blowjob. And um, after he had got the condom on, I kept doing it, and then he kept feeling around my neck, like he was just trippin’, playing around with my neck and my necklaces. And he had cuffed one of my hands, and I was trying to get loose and he pulled out a gun. Then he had got my other hand cuffed, I don’t know how he did it, it was just frightening, ‘cause I didn’t really… I fought, but not a lot, ‘cause I knew he would do something. 

And, um, he took me to his house on Old Harbor Road in Muldoon. 

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