Robert Hansen’s Confession | Day One | Part 5

AUDIO FILE Robert Hansen Confession, February 22, 1984 (Part 5) All Rights Reserved
part 5

Two things worth noting in this Part 5 excerpt. The towel. And John Henning.

The towel was one which had been… uh… soiled by Cindy Paulson. Remember that after the rape, she was chained to a table in Hansen’s den. With Hansen asleep — and an admonition not to wake him — Dindy found hersef in the uncomfortable position of having to relieve herself.

She peed on a towel. Peed on that towel. And Hansen, recognizing that the towel had suddenly become evidence, decided to start a wash cycle.

John Henning was another hunting buddy, one of several that Hansen collected in great part because of his reputation as an adept tracker and hunter. He needed Henning because he needed another alibi. He already had one — he was at John Sumrall’s house earlier that evening, before he found himself in downtown Anchorage, prowling for girls or, more specifically, prowling for Cindy.

With Henning locked in as an alibi, it was Cindy’s word versus that of two stand-up alibi witnesses (Henning was a commerial fisherman and contractor). Case closed.

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