Robert Hansen’s Confession | Day One | Part 7

AUDIO FILE Robert Hansen Confession, February 22, 1984 (Part 7) All Rights Reserved
part 7

In Part 7, we get to the money sequence. The alibi. The John Henning alibi. Note that Bob is at pains to point out that he asked John for the alibi. “It wasn’t John that approached me on that.” Somehow, Bob thinks that makes Henning less culpable. And yes it does take some of the onus off Henning.

But in Hansen’s telling, John Henning quickly coughs up the alibi. Hansen, he offers to assert, was at the Henning house during the time in question. Therefore, he couldn’t have been downtown chasing hookers or taking Cindy to his house in Muldoon or, for God’s sakes, trying to spirit her away in his airplane.

But lingering inside this arrangement is the sense that Bob knows he’s in serious trouble. Never before has he talked about his sex life with his friends. Never before has he felt the need for them to suppy an alibi. In all his other scrapes and close calls, Hansen relied on a simple formula: he admitted to a beef with the prostitute, said it was over money and that, moreover, it was her word versus his. A family man and baker versus a woman of the night.

Now, with Cindy Paulson, that didn’t seem potent enough. He needed something bigger. He needed an entire suite of lies.

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