Robert Hansen Confession | Day One | Part 13

AUDIO FILE Robert Hansen Confession, February 22, 1984 (Part 13) All Rights Reserved

Part 13 sees Frank Rothschild’s questions get more trenchant, more pointed, more attached to Robert Hansen’s gruesome reality. Word on the street, for example, was that Hansen had a cabin somewhere near the Knik River. That it was the final destination for the women he killed, their bodies recklessly strewn among the banks and ravines of the Knik’s meandering course.

Hansen’s response? He was going to set up camp and pitch a tent. Why? Because he didn’t have a cabin. Never did. That was one of his many lies.

The next lie was that he intended to bring Cindy Paulson back from the Knik. That she would somehow survive this ordeal, after enduring the requisite lecture about her moral turpitude. Cindy, of course, knew better. She wasn’t waiting for Hansen’s generosity. She escaped his car at Merrill Field and ran for her life.

And then the coup de grace of Part 13. The off-handed claim that the difference between life and death on the Knik was whether or not these women tried to escape. That was Hansen’s grimmest irony. Escape equalled death.

part 13
Cindy Paulson (courtesy Alaska State Troopers)
part 13

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