Stupendous September Sale

The word is not Summer. Which means it’s a time for another Butcher, Baker promotion. This time, think Fall. Think Autumn. Think rainy nights and shortened days. Think, damn I wish I had a good book. Yeah, well no need to keep waiting. The answer is here. It’s September.

For now, you can store your memories of that wheezy in-window air conditioner. Forget that cold shower you took for a brief moment of respite. No need to dream of autumn. It’s here. Secret word: September.

Robert Hansen’s Line Up Photo (courtesy AST)

But whatever you do, be sure and take advantage of this offer. Yeah, I know, you’ve got other concerns. Maybe you’ve been procrastinating. Maybe it’s too chill to think. But, hey, it only takes a minute to change your life. OK, that’s probably a bridge too far. Instead, think incremental change and take decisive steps toward your new future. Yeah. That one.

TitleAuthorPromo TypeCtryStartEndPromo Price
Butcher, BakerGilmour/
ORM – 1K Sale WeeklyUSSept. 15, 2023Sept. 15, 2023$1.99
Fall 2023 Promo

Fall Discounts

Seize the moment. Snag a book. Isn’t it about time you finally read Butcher, Baker? Visit one of the fine sites below and place your order. You will not regret it, I promise.

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Cool Days Promo 

This promotion is offered through Open Road’s social media platforms and is available in the U.S. only. The promo is available SEPTEMBER 15, 2023. DON’T FORGET THE DATE.

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