Kidnapped: Glenn Flothe's Victim Map & Matrix

AST Sgt. Glenn Flothe
Sgt. Glenn Flothe (used with permission of Anchorage Times)

When Cindy Paulson said she feared for her life, her assessment was grounded in the sense that Robert Hansen had killed before. He implied as much, telling Cindy there had been “other girls” that he’d kidnapped and taken to his cabin. Her fears were not unfounded. But the scope of Hansen’s murderous career was well beyond what anyone imagined at the time of Cindy Paulson’s interview.

Sgt. Glenn Flothe’s detailed victim matrix (below) reveals 24 marks, each of them representing a possible Hansen victim. As with everything associated with Glenn Flothe, the matrix is meticulous — it includes the case number; the Gravesite Number (corresponding to Hansen’s flight map); the order and date on which the body was found (if it was found); the location of the gravesite and the victim’s name. Those are details that border on numbing, but they shouldn’t be.

Troopers ultimately used Flothe’s matrix to keep Hansen “honest,” threatening to charge him with additional murders if he didn’t help them identify and locate each and every victim. Hansen came up a little “short” on that one, apparently preferring not to admit to the murder of women he didn’t consider “prostitutes.” The criminal justice system settled for the seventeen to which he confessed. The true number is closer to 30.

NOTE: On both the matrix and the map, a BLUE highlight indicates a victim that Hansen admitted killing; a YELLOW highlight indicates a victim that Hansen denied killing.

Sgt. Glenn Flothe’s Victim Matrix (Courtesy Alaska State Troopers; Click for Larger Image – 10MB)

Victim Matrix

The victim matrix exists in support of Glenn Flothe’s annotated version of Robert Hansen’s flight map (below). This map was quickly determined to show locations where Hansen had killed and then buried the young women he’d kidnapped and taken into the bush. Finding this map provided the initial “shock” of the investigation, utlimately proving that the scope and reach of Robert Hansen’s crimes was the biggest in Alaska history.

Sgt. Glenn Flothe’s Annotated Flight Map (Courtesy Alaska State Troopers; Click for Larger Image – 14MB)

Victim Map
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