Protect the Witness, Protect Cindy Paulson

We resume our excerpts from the previously unpublished writings of Walter Gilmour. In this installment, he talks about the lengths Sgt. Flothe took to protect Cindy Paulson. For much of that time, he had to protect Cindy Paulson from herself.
Cindy Paulson

“Once Flothe managed to gain Cindy’s confidence, he knew it was imperative to do all in his power to protect her as a witness. He would soon find out what a difficult task that could be. At one point, Cindy ran away from her pimp, and another woman took her in, all of which was a relief to Flothe.

“It wasn’t too long, however, before the ‘kiddies’ downtown had sucked her up and put her back on the street. Then came the time Flothe got a call in the middle of the night.

“‘I got to talk to you, man,'” Cindy said.

“She gave him an address and when he arrived he just sort of strolled in when the door opened.

“‘I’m here to get Cindy Paulson,'” he announced.

“‘She’s busy,'” came the reply.

“Cindy soon rolled into the room in her bathrobe, semen running down her leg.

“‘You gotta get me out of here,'” she said.

“The john stood there in his underpants and watched as Flothe took her away. Cindy put her clothes in a cardboard box, put on her fur coat and wrapped her arm around Flothe as  they walked out. The situation had the potential for trouble from beginning to end. It was a risk Flothe had to take.”

After rescuing Cindy, Sgt. Flothe took her to a safe house. It was a long road to protect her. 

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