Cindy Paulson & Glenn Flothe: Setting the Record Straight

The movie “The Frozen Ground” takes several liberties with the truth. Fine. It’s only “based” on a true story. One of its core mythologies involves the relationship between Cindy Paulson and Glenn Flothe. In it, the film makes the claim that Cindy Paulson eventually moves considers moving in with Flothe, his wife Cherry and their children — and wreaks havoc in the process on their lives. That did not happen. We’re here to set the record straight.

First, there’s no denying that Flothe developed a professional rapport with Cindy Paulson. Here’s Walter Gilmour on that topic. As usual, Gilmour gets straight to the point:

“On September 16, 1983, Flothe took photos of Hansen’s bakery, house, private plane and cars. He also started doing the basic footwork that good investigators cannot forget if they are to remain good investigators. He knew that Cindy Paulson would be a key player in the case against Hansen, and so he took pains to establish some level of rapport with her.”   Major Walter Gilmour

Better than that, there are the words of Sgt. Glenn Flothe himself. During the early drafts of “Butcher, Baker,” Glenn personally reviewed our manuscript. As is his wont, he also attached sticky notes to the back of various pages, offering his invaluable insights and suggestions. On the back of the passage (above) where Gilmour talks about “rapport,” Glenn Flothe added several sticky notes, with the following comments. Let’s get it straight:

“My wife befriended Cindy for months at all hours of the night and morning — without ever meeting her until two days before she was to testify against Hansen.

Glenn Flothe and his wife, Cheryl, after her successful kidney transplant in 2007

“Cindy fixed a family dinner for my wife and family at a safe home when, for a short time, she had her act somewhat together. I have now lost her again to the streets and pimps — whereabouts unknown.

Corsair Restaurant, Anchorage, AK (now closed; photo courtesy Wonderlane)

“The night Hansen was convicted, Cherry and I took Cindy & her friend from the safe home out to dinner at the Corsair. The next day, with an airplane ticket in her hand, she left Anchorage and back to prostitution.”

Glenn Flothe (1985)

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9 thoughts on “Cindy Paulson & Glenn Flothe: Setting the Record Straight”

  1. The movie did not emply [sic] that Cindy Paulson lived with Glen Flothe. It only stated she was going to spend the night at their house but didn’t because she took off.

  2. We were building a house by the Knik river when this was happening. I was pregnant and would go for evening walks along the river and through the woods with my dog….freaks me out now to think of what could have happened.

  3. I really don’t think those minor details matter. I’m assuming 50Cent wasn’t there either.
    The main objective is there. This lady survived a horrendous attack that unfolded many circumstances that ultimately lead to catching a monster. Very courageous and
    Strait forward.

  4. Watched the film. Have law enforcement background. Didnt know about the case but Flothe went above and beyond what normal manpower is dedicated. Um sorry the remaining victims were not recovered, condolences to the families.

  5. Very sad and harrowing story.
    I like and respect women, and can’t imagine why any man would want to harm women in any way.
    It’s sickening and frightening to think of how many women that sadistic butcher actually abducted, tortured and ultimately killed, not to mention his cold, detached, psychological cruelty that he put them through!
    I found the whole thing very moving for those girls and their families, but it also made me feel a lot of anger towards the killer, his hate towards women, and how cowardly he was!
    I’m very sorry for those girls who had young lives, dreams, and futures to live out; and also families and loved ones who must have missed them deeply; so sincere condolences to them, especially for the families of the victims whose bodies were never found; and may God rest all the victims souls and give them peace.
    I’m glad that Cindy Paulson survived that terrifying ordeal, and that she played a big part in that monsters sentencing.
    Very brave young woman, and what great work and dedication from all the men in the investigating team!

    1. It’s a movie, made for profit and entertainment and not a police report or documentary. There are some changes to the story to present it all in 1.45hours. You have limited time to develop the characters, present a plot and present something that folks want to see. To expect otherwise is simply ridiculous.

      37 year in law enforcement with half as a detective.

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