Robert Hansen’s Confession | Day One | Part 8

AUDIO FILE Robert Hansen Confession, February 22, 1984 (Part 8) All Rights Reserved
part 8

In Part 8, Robert Hansen’s fear that the police will show up at his home comes true. They were, in fact, looking for the very things Hansen was a pains to remove before his call to friend John Henning. He’d removed the eyebolt to which Cindy was tied (although there was still a tell-tale hole in the post). He’d dumped the pee-towel in the wash. He’d handed off his firearms to John Henning.

As is often the case during Hansen’s confession, the sequence here is twisted by Bob’s near stream-of-consciousness recollections. In real life, when Hansen got back to his house after plotting with Henning, the cops were already there. They took Hansen in for questioning AFTER that. But you can tell here that the interaction with the cops, at APD, is the topmost matter. For it was there that he got to lay out his alibis. And for a while, those alibis worked.

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