Robert Hansen’s Confession | Day One | Part 9

AUDIO FILE Robert Hansen Confession, February 22, 1984 (Part 9) All Rights Reserved
part 9

In Part 9, we again see — this time more unabashedly — Hansen’s attempt to move the topic of discussion away from the murders. In this sequence, for example, he drifts off into the details of how the keys to his airplane got buried in the fuselage. And, while Hansen sometimes asks, apropos of nothing, whether or not the cops and prosecutors might be interested in these tidbits, Hansen pushes on anyway, barely deigning to wait for a response.

Also noteworthy here is Hansen’s impression that the Anchorage cops were only performing a token inspection of his car. In fact, the Anchorage cops were ultimately loath to press charges on the Cindy Paulson kidnapping and rape. She was, after all, a prostitute. And Hansen’s alibi witnresses seemed to be holding up.

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