Four Days To Go: Leland Hale on Oxygen’s Hunted to Death

Have you marked Saturday, May 16th on your calendar? Oxygen network. Mark of a Killer: Hunted To Death. Viewing times: 7:00 pm (or check your local listings).

I’ll be there for sure!


EXCERPT with Leland E. Hale, APD Investigator Maxine Farrell, AST Sgt. Rollie Port

There’s little question that, by the end of his deathly career, Robert Hansen hunted his victims in the Alaska wilderness. Whether they tried to escape or he purposely released them, the outcome was the same. He hunted them down and shot them with his high-powered rifle. He was a mad dog, showing no mercy, only blood lust.

On a personal note, it was a challenging shoot. The producers picked a charming brick building with its back to Century Link field and… the railroad tracks in SoDo. More than once — or, at least once! — I was in the midst of saying something “brilliant,” when the perfect take was interrupted by the wail of a train horn. Cut! Let’s try that again!

It was also a wonderfully Seattle-style rainy day and I’d decided to get to the shoot via ferryboat and then a walk to the Clink. Dumb. I was soaked. The things we do…

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