Mark of a Killer: Robert Hansen on Oxygen

Mark of a Killer

SATURDAY IS THE DAY. I worked on this Mark of a Killer episode last Fall and now it’s about to air. And yes, yours truly, Leland E. Hale, is in it… Here’s a sample.

Schedule Update: New Day, New Time

Episode: Mark of a Killer: 206 Robert Hansen
Date: Saturday, May 16
Time: 7 pm EDT [4:00 pm, PDT; 3:00 pm, Alaska; 1:00 pm, Hawaii]
Network: Oxygen – https://w

If you’re like some people I know, these crazy times mean you’re probably binge watching TV. I have neighbors who have watched so much Netflix they decided to put in beauty bark for a change of pace… Before it gets that bad, try Mark of a Killer (MOAK) on Oxygen.

For those of you unfamiliar with Mark of a Killer (MOAK), this Oxygen series focuses on a single trademark trait: the unique methods that stand as the signature elements of a murderer’s crimes. Hence the show’s name.

Mark of a Killer
Robert Hansen (police photo)

Robert Hansen’s hallmark was to stalk and kill young women. He flew them to the remote Knik River in his private plane. There, he chased them down in what he fashioned as the ultimate hunt.

Audio File: Robert Hansen’s Confession (excerpt)

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