Inside Look: Vans Arrive With Arrow Media Crew

Two vans pulled up to our place at 9:00 am. Four people piled out and started lugging equipment up the stairs to the main floor of our house, sporting distinctly British accents. It was the start of the madness.

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For context, they needed two vans just to carry all the gear. There was a boatload of equipment on the porch, which served as a intermediate staging area.

By ten o’clock the vans were empty and the blackout curtains were up. The cameras were ready to roll. We were set to start shooting. Well, almost ready.

Our house has some interesting angles and light comes in from all directions. So… There was some fussing, just to make sure they got the light and the angles right. They were particularly interested in the stairway just behind the sofa where they’d interview me. It offered a depth-of-field that promised to add a touch of interest to the talking-head shot. That was infinitely better than the full liquor cabinet lurking along one wall, which offered an entirely different perspective.

Jessica & Alec at the ready (copyright Leland E. Hale)

By the time we finished shooting, it was just past 5:30 pm. It was a long damn day (more on that later). We did take time for a short lunch break (Manchester Inn) for fish and chips (naturally). And then we took some B-roll clips, including some of me walking up the drive. One of my favorites is below. We were hoping for a ferry, but…

View of Puget Sound (copyright Lorraine A. Miller)

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