The Butcher, Baker Tapes: Bus Barn Arson

Robert Hansen’s first arrest was for arson in tiny Pocahontas, Iowa, way back in 1961. Not every arsonist “graduates” to become a serial killer, but Bob Hansen did. There was something about the thrill of it, the excitement, the danger, that attracted the willful young man. And he wanted to feel that again. First it was theft — small stuff and then bigger and bigger. His first attempt at stalking a woman, in Anchorage, would go horribly awry. Slowly, but surely, he perfected his approach. With deadly results.

Be sure to watch: The Butcher, Baker: Mind of a Monster on Investigation Discovery, September 2, 2020, 9pm/8 Central.

In this installment, we present audio of Hansen’s 1983 interview with Alaska State Troopers. It is during this interview that they first confront him about his involvement in the disappearance of dancers and prostitutes in Anchorage. Note in particular his inappropriate laughter when talking about the arson.

Pocahontas, Iowa, 1962, with Police Chief, Marvin Wiseman
(copyright Leland E. Hale)

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