On The Bed. Waiting.

Everything led to this: A bed in Cabin No. 4. Patty Roberts was 101 miles from the Nevada Cafe, in the dead of winter. She was cold and barely dressed. It was Hansen’s dreadful need to control her at its worst. Or was it? She would find out; soon enough she would know.

Sunrise Inn, Cooper Landing, AK (1960’s)

Patty Roberts: “After he came in and closed the door, I asked him if I could go to the bathroom and he said okay, but then changed his mind and said, no. He went into the bathroom and looked around and then said I could go in, but told me to always leave the door open.

“I was cold and wanted to take a bath and he said I could. After that, I got into bed.

His penis was shaped funny, like it was deformed or something.

Patty Roberts

Roberts: “He went in to take a bath; he ran water in the tub and splashed it around, but I could see him peeking at me through the crack in the door and he never did get into the tub. He came out then and got into bed with me.

“Once I glanced momentarily at him when he had no clothes on and I noticed his penis was shaped funny, like it was deformed or something. It was short but very large around.

Cooper Landing, site of Sunrise Inn (courtesy Wikipedia Commons)

Roberts: “After he got into bed we had sex, but I don’t remember much about it, except that he kept telling me to try harder and to give him what he wanted, and I kept telling him I was doing the best I could. After about an hour later, I went to sleep and then about an hour later he woke me up and told me to get up and get dressed, that we were going back to town, that I was no longer of any interest to him.”

Patty’s description of Hansen’s penis would eventually be immortalized by Walter Gilmour, my Butcher, Baker co-author. From then on, he called Hansen a “dimple-dicked little shit.” For me, the bathroom scene stands out. Twelve years later, Hansen would repeat that tableau with Cindy Paulson who, unlike Patty Roberts, was allowed into the bathroom in chains. But more than anything, it’s Hansen’s cavalier dismissal of Patty. To him, she was a cigarette pack, destined to be tossed aside.

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