Review: World’s Most Evil Killers: Robert Hansen

For one thing, I do not reside in the UK. And, for sure, I don’t have routine access to the Sky Crime network or, for that matter, the series “Most Evil Killers.” But thanks to the kindness of Woodcut Media, who produce the series, I had access to a private video on Vimeo. And on Wednesday, November 30th, I had a chance to view their latest production. All from the comfort of my home.

evil killers

At the outset, I must confess to having reservations about true crime “dramatizations.” There’s always the risk that they turn cheesy and unbelievable. I needn’t have worried. The actors in the Woodcut Media production were inconspicuous, adding depth to the show instead of distraction. Their’s was a straightforward and even-keeled presentation, a tribute to their professionalism and craft.

One advantage, of course, was having “Robert Hansen” as part of the dramatization. Not just in words — the audio segments they used were spot on — but in “person.” Understanding these heinous crimes hinges on understanding this, I hesitate to say, “person.” And only an actor can bring that to life.

Of course, the movie The Frozen Ground has already tread this ground, so I knew it could be done. The superiority of the Woodcut Media production, in my view, was that they stuck to the truth, without the pretense of trying to emulate The Most Dangerous Game. In starker terms, the Sky Crime presentation did the dramatization so much better. Even without movie stars (and perhaps because they lacked them).

[I just hope the actor who portrayed Hansen is not typecast after this. That would be a great disservice.]

Evil Killers: Series Highlight

With each new Robert Hansen documentary — the Most Evil Killers production is the fifth to air — I hope for some new revelation(s). I wrote Butcher, Baker in the mid-eighties, after all, and have tried (somewhat unsuccessfully) to move on to other projects.

The inclusion of Sherry Morrow’s sister, Millie Hutchinson, in Most Evil Killers was one of those revelatory moments.

evil killers
Millie Hutchinson (courtesy Sky Crime “Most Evil Killers”)

The back story that Hutchinson brought to the fore — their separation as sisters due to the exigencies (and arbitrary actions) of family courts — underscores the difficulties some of Hansen’s victims faced many years before they had the misfortune of meeting him.

Hutchinson also filled in another gap in my personal knowledge. I’ve read AST detective Glenn Flothe’s search warrant application multiple times, back to back. I’ve nearly memorized Sherry’s description at the time of her disappearance. Twenty-three years of age. Light brown hair and blue eyes. Approximately 5’6″ tall and 125 pounds. Last seen wearing silver wire frame glasses, blue jeans and a baby blue ski jacket.

I have photos that show most of these guises. Except one. The glasses.

evil killers
Sherry Morrow in glasses
(courtesy Sky Crime “Most Evil Killers)

Not to make too much of a single photo, but… this image shows me a thoughtful young woman. Perhaps it’s the studious glasses. The whimsical turn of her mouth. Or the intensity of her gaze. Lost. Lost too soon.

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